I write thoughtful and humorous vignettes about my search for meaning as I journey through life after the age of 60.


We could have up to, and maybe more, thirty-odd years of life ahead of us after entering our sixties. What are we going to do with those years?

I asked myself that question and then decided to go on a journey to find out. Join me on my exploration as I attempt to entertain, inform, engage and make sense of what I call:

the years of self-consent.

And over we go!

My Journey

My vignettes are in chronological order and begin with a focus on an outer journey. As time moves on the focus moves to an inner journey. To follow the storyline, it's best if you read them in that order. But if you do not fancy that, new vignettes will appear at the end of the thread. To go straight to the latest vignette, click the button below. I suggest subscribing to be emailed a link to the latest story when it is posted.

Hiking in the Peak District, England

After attending a wedding in the Cotswolds, l wanted to go hiking. Peter returned to Berlin and l found a women’s only hiking company.  Fortunately, ...
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Hiking in the Tyrol

Free to work virtually, we drove through the Valle dell’Adige, east of Merano, Italy in search of the place Peter had booked on a farm. ...
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A Wedding In Spain

Peter’s entire family gets together for major life events; funerals, and weddings. We gathered four years ago for a funeral, this summer we gathered for ...
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Back Home for a Few Weeks

As mentioned before, I suffer from flight anxiety and twenty-four hours before a flight l need to start prepping my mind. I avoid disaster words ...
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My Daughter’s Wedding

Peter and I rented a large house with a pool and hot tub for my two nieces and their partners, who were flying over from ...
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Back to England

As l get older l ponder the question: what is my purpose in life? I’m not exactly sure what the answer is to that question. ...
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As the months passed, our journey took us further away from the base we had created in the US. A feeling of rootlessness started to ...
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Life Through My Eyes in Florence

Learning how to row is on my bucket list, and I noticed that there was a rowing club in Florence. I went to explore. Once ...
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Florence is a Seductress

Recently, a person said to me: “Florence is a seductress. You will see.” As we drove back into Florence after a weekend away my experience ...
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