I write thoughtful and humorous vignettes about my search for meaning as I journey through life after the age of 60.


We could have up to, and maybe more, thirty-odd years of life ahead of us after entering our sixties. What are we going to do with those years?

I asked myself that question and then decided to go on a journey to find out. Join me on my exploration as I attempt to entertain, inform, engage and make sense of what I call:

the years of self-consent.

And over we go!

My Journey

My vignettes are in chronological order and begin with a focus on an outer journey. As time moves on the focus moves to an inner journey. To follow the storyline, it's best if you read them in that order. But if you do not fancy that, new vignettes will appear at the end of the thread. To go straight to the latest vignette, click the button below. I suggest subscribing to be emailed a link to the latest story when it is posted.

In The Waiting Room

I wanted to travel for a year, maybe two. But sadly, Covid had halted my plans and instead, I nurtured my wanderlust by taking cooking ...
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The Adventure Begins

I had plans of traveling indefinitely with my husband when he retired two weeks before Covid broke out. Instead of traveling we stayed in our ...
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The First AirBnB in Berlin

When I speak German I take control of the conversation as fast as possible to slow the pace down. My German is basic; I function, ...
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A Journey to the Baltic Sea

Berlin at the end of March showed minimal signs of shaking off winter. The air remained cold as the winds from Siberia blew. I am ...
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I am frightened of flying, but I still fly. To address my fear of flying I took a one-day fear of flying course offered by ...
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We rented a car for a few days and decided to travel from Split, Croatia to Plitvice Lake National Park. I needed to hike; we ...
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After the bouncy flight to Croatia, I planned to take the train back to Berlin from Split, Croatia. I decided to take a night ferry ...
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I traveled by train from Italy back to Berlin. For this section of our Berlin stay I decided we would stay in a residence hotel ...
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Transportation In Berlin

Ahhhhh. I scream “Hold onto my waist. Not the steering bars. Yells Peter from the front of the scooter as I stand behind him, clinging ...
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